Affordable accommodation

This type of accommodation (hostels, couch surfing, airbnb, camp sites) is usually cheaper than hotels, clean and basic. The hostels do not typically have shared rooms and sanitary facilities and breakfast is an option. Examples of hostels nearby the conference venue: Strowis (4 bedded room from 25 euros), Stone Hostel (4 bedded room from 25 euros) and Utrecht City Center (shared rooms from 20 euros). There is also a beautifully situated international Stayokay youth hostel situated in Bunnik (6 miles from Utrecht). Couch surfing is also an option. You will have to log in or register to use this facility. Due to the large variety of accommodations under this heading it is difficult to give a price indication. For those looking local accommodation in peoples housing for themselves or for a group, airbnb is also an option. There are some good facilities close to the Domplein, where the conference venue is. Here, as with hostels or couch surfing, timely reservation is essential. Finally, one may decide to camp. There are sveral camp sites close to Utrecht, for example De Boomgaard in Bunnik (The Orchard, about 6 miles from Utrecht). Usually, transportation is somewhat more difficult, but cycling is easy and cheap.