U7: Utrecht University Library Uithof

Utrecht University has two libraries: one in the centre of the city and one on the Uithof campus at the east of the city. This post is on the latter, which is a very modern building designes by a famous architect, Wiel Arets. The building is situated at the Uithof campus, where many students live and where social sciences, physical sciences and medicine have their home. The library at this campus was ready in 2005 and it is a very special building. Its main colour is black and it still is a very light building. Not only does this library hold many books, it also is the place where students have their study centre. If you type in ‘humor’ in the library’s catalogue, you will find 762 entries, including Jessica Milner Davis‘ work on humour in China, John Morreall‘s religion toolkit and Delia Chiaro‘s work on humor in translation. Learn more about University Library Uithof.