C3: ISHS2014 logo

Gekozen Logo International Society for Humor StudiesWe are pleased to inform you that from now on, ISHS2014 has a logo (see left). It was designed by a young Dutch stylist, Maritt Schouten. She owns the company Studio ’87 in Den Bosch. The red, blue and white stand for the Dutch flag, whereas the colors red and white stand for the coat of arms of the city of Utrecht. Of course you will also recognize the ISHS logo, which Maritt restyled into a somewhat different form. This form symbolizes that ISHS2014 aims at meaningful, personal and pleasant interaction, linking cultures.

Lorene Birden passed away

This week a very sad message has reached us. One of our active ISHS members and regular conference participants, Lorene M. Birden, has passed away. She lived in Dijon, France, where she was a literary critic and translator at the Université de Bourgogne. She spoke French, English and Russian and she translated work of the feminist writer Helene Cixous. She also produced studies on Flaubert, Zola, Chekhov, Pasternak and Eliot. In 2012, she wrote an article in ‘Brno studies in English’, called Layers of naming and responsibility in Saki’s short stories. Lorene was also a great conference convener. She organized ISHS conferences in Dijon and in Youngstown, Ohio and her personal collection of ISHS conference T shirts was huge. The photo on the left was taken in Krakow, Poland, where she enjoyed a theatre show with us. She is in the front row, in between the loudspeakers. We will remember her as a vibrant and witty personality with a sharp mind. Lorene will be dearly missed by the members of our society. We wish her close relatives strength in these dark times.

C2 – Williamsburg 2013: Hot and steaming

The Williamsburg 2013  ISHS conference was a great success. Larry Ventis was the host of this 25th conference, where 107 visitors attended. Part of the conference was a visit to Jamestown, the spot where the English colonists landed for the first time. As in Williamsburg, Jamestown was hot and steaming. A great example for ISHS 2014 in Utrecht!

C1 – Flying to Williamsburg

Before flying to Williamsburg, I finished the beta version of this web site today. I am eager to meet my old ISHS friends, and make some new ones. I am looking forward to this conference, but to the 2014 Utrecht one as well. Tomorrow I will fly to Washington first, and then drive to Williamsburg. The States are a great country to drive through. Williamsburg, here I come!