Gekozen Logo International Society for Humor StudiesWelcome to the website of ISHS2014, the 26th International Society of Humor Studies (ISHS) Conference. The conference is held from 7 to 11 july, 2014, in the University Hall of Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The conference stands in a long tradition of humor studies conferences, held all over the world: Boston, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Krakow, Williamsburg (2013) and many others. As conveners, we are proud to host the humor conference in our beautiful city. If you would like to register or submit an abstract, please go to the registration and submission page. If you want to know more or want to subscribe to our weekly conference blogs, please contact us at info@humorlab.nl.

P49: Humor and the stigma of mental illness

Corrigan and colleagues of the Department of Psychology of the Institute of Technology (Chicago, IL) investigated the role humor can have in the decrease of stigma. They created three conditions (self-disclosure comedy, non-disclosure comedy and a control condition) and assessed attitudes and comic perceptions. Perceptions of the self-disclosed comic condition were associated with reduced stigma. The affiliative humor style enhanced this effect even further. Read more.

NL13: Soft drugs in The Netherlands

The conference organisation would in no way promote the (excessive) consumption of soft drugs. Nevertheless, we do believe that it is important to know some basic facts and legislation about how things work in the Netherlands. Contrary to some other countries it is possible to use soft drugs in The Netherlands. They are considered relatively harmless when used in limited quantities and frequencies – some even say alcohol is much more dangerous because of its adverse effects. However, dealing and producing soft  drugs is strictly prohibited. Soft drugs can only be obtained in so-called coffee shops (you’d better drink coffee in other restaurants – we also have Starbucks ;.). Dutch soft drugs can be pretty strong, compared to other countries. If you as a foreiger would want to use these drugs, please take care about these issues and ask around in the coffeshops. For an explanation of Dutch legislation, please click on this link.